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"copy-static-assets" task

This is a lightweight task that simply copies input files into output folders.

When to use it

This task is mainly used to copy assets into the compiler’s target folder so that they can be referenced by compiled code. In Heft’s standard configuration, the TypeScript compiler reads src/**/.ts inputs and writes lib/**/.js outputs. For example, a React project may have a file that loads an src/index.css asset like this:


import './index.css';
. . .

When Webpack is invoked on lib/index.js, it will process the resulting require("./index.css"); and expect to bundle the file path lib/index.css (instead of src/index.css as in the TypeScript code). We can copy the file over by configuring copy-static-assets like this:

<project folder>/.heft/copy-static-assets.json

  "fileExtensions": [ ".css" ]

Config files

Configure this task using the copy-static-assets.json config file.

package.json dependencies

None - this feature is implemented internally by Heft.