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Core plugins

Plugin Description
ApiExtractorPlugin Implements the api-extractor task
BasicConfigureWebpackPlugin Used to configure the webpack task by loading a static webpack.config.js file (instead of building a dynamic configuration at runtime)
CleanPlugin Deletes output files from a previous build
CopyStaticAssetsPlugin Implements the copy-static-assets task
JestPlugin Implements the jest task
PackageJsonConfigurationPlugin Disables the typescript tasks’s symlinking optimization for published projects, because publishing workflows do not handle symlinks properly
ProjectJsonConfigurationFilesPlugin Reads Heft-specific config files that apply to a single project.
RushJsonConfigurationFilesPlugin Reads Heft-specific config files that are shared across all projects in a monorepo.
TypeScriptPlugin Implements the typescript, eslint, and tslint tasks
WebpackPlugin Implements the webpack task